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Focused and goal-oriented conversation: Our call is designed to address your specific needs and provide actionable guidance or next steps to move forward. By sharing any specific challenges, questions, or areas of interest you'd like to discuss, we can tailor our conversation to directly address your topics.

To ensure our conversation is as productive as possible, I encourage you to take a few moments before our call to reflect on any specific areas, desired outcomes, or questions you would like to focus on. By sharing these details in advance, we can optimize our time together and make the most of our discussion.

My Preferred Methods: Because I get hundreds of emails, texts, calls, and DMs and I want to ensure I see your message, here are the best ways to reach me. For the fastest response time send me a text via Messenger as it’s my #1 preferred method to keep in touch. If you want to send an audio message, I kindly request sending it on Voxer (username is EnochLeffingwell) so we can listen at 2x speed. While I am open to phone calls, please note they are my least favorite way to communicate. There’s only one cell phone number to reach me, I check texts occasionally, but usually, my assistant will answer if you call unless I’m expecting your call. I appreciate you understanding my preferred methods for staying in touch and I look forward to connecting with you!


Mentorship: If you have business advice questions or are looking for coaching, visit MentorMeEnoch.com instead of submitting here.

Interviews: If you want to schedule me to speak to your audience, podcast, or show, visit ScheduleEnoch.com.

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